Tennessee Valley Winds
Tennessee Valley Winds Erich Zimmerman, Director
Tennessee Valley Winds Tennessee Valley Winds - A Nashville/Murfreesboro Community Concert Band Erich Zimmerman, Director
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*+Mary Margaret Moore - Music Specialist

Tawana Box - Flute Instructor
Allison Boyd - Teacher
+Barbara Cantrell - Housewife, Former Teacher
Megan Glosson - Band Director
Kay Hobbs - Retired Legal Assistant
Deb Norris - Homemaker
Henri Pensis - Radio Station Manager
+Bonnie Ward - Teacher--General Music and Band
+Tony Washer - Quality Control

Oboe/English Horn:
*+Katie Frazier - Band Director

Eb Clarinet:
+Greg Lawson - Band Director

Bb Clarinet:
Georgiana Bitzer - Retired Nurse
Jane Cannada - Real Estate Agent
*+Amy Cooper - Banker
Rachel Grasso - Retired Bandsperson
Rufus Long - Retired Band Director
Kelly Medford - Band Director
Sara Panjehpour - K-5 General Music Teacher
Bill Riggs - Financial Aid Counselor, MTSU
Phillip Simpson - Band Director

Bass Clarinet:
Beth Graves - Band Director
Jim Tice - Music Education Sales
Norman Woodrick - Retired FAA

Alto Saxophone:
Chuck Guy, Sr. - Retired
+Scott Hedrick - Computer Programmer

Tenor Saxophone:
Wilson Sharpe - Retired Band Director; Professional Musician

Baritone Saxophone:
*Boyd Barker - Admin, TN Dept of Agriculture
George Stern - Retired Systems Engineer, U. S. Marine Corps

George Bitzer - Retired Music Teacher
+Mark Elbaum - Construction Equipment Sales
Neil Graves - Band Teacher
+Harold Ray - Retired Band/Orchestra Director
*+Mark Robinson - Band Director
+Justin Scott - Teacher
Jason Sexton - Band Director
Merv Snider
Gavyn Stys - Veterinarian Tech

French Horn:
+Charlene Kremer - Homemaker
*Vicky Williams - Band Director
Robin Winkowski - Band Director

Juel Clevenger - Retired
Len Echols - Retired College Instructor
+Steve Holeman - Real Estate Agent
Richard Lutz - Band Director
Sam McFerrin - Private Lesson Instructor
+Jim Sabia - Retired Band Director

*Dalton McCrary - Retired
Jennifer Strayer - Music Teacher

*Thomas Chesnut - Band Director
Andrew Lynn - Band Director
+Dan Pfeifer - MTSU Professor

Terry Jolley - Band Director
Brentz Simons - Student
*Tony Villanueva - IT Director

+Erich Zimmerman - Band Director

Associate Conductor:
+Greg Lawson - Band Director

* - Section Leader, + - Board Member

Board of Directors
President:  Dan Pfeifer
Vice President:  Katie Frazier
Treasurer:  Mark Robinson
Music Director:  Erich Zimmerman
Personnel Director:  Amy Cooper
Activities Coordinator:  Jim Sabia
Publicity Coordinator:  Charlene Kremer
Band Member at Large:  Mark Elbaum
Band Member at Large:  Justin Scott
Executive Director - Secretary:  Bonnie Ward
Stage Manager:  Jim Sabia
Librarian:  Steve Holeman
Historian:  Barbara Cantrell
Business Manager:  Tony Washer
Ensembles Coordinator:  Harold Ray
Assistant Publicity Coordinator:  Mary Margaret Moore
Website Coordinator:  Scott Hedrick